Bet On A Vet 100!

$1,000,000 Give-A-Way

Empowering Veterans To Start Franchises

Former US Marine Steve Rotay is spearheading a challenge through the Franchise Consulting Company’s Veterans Council. We created the “Bet on a Vet 100”! veteran program to donate $1,000,000 to 100 active or inactive veterans starting a franchise.

Each member of the Veteran’s Council is either a veteran of one of the U.S. Armed Forces or has a close personal connection to those who serve.

Each of the committee members dedicate a portion of their efforts to assisting veterans in the transition to civilian life and the world of entrepreneurship. Our council was formed to provide a service the better understand the challenges of the transition and the integrity and brotherhood/sisterhood that uniquely exists within the ranks.

This service from our council is at our own personal expense.

As a reflection of those in the service, the members of the council exemplify the spirit of pulling together for the good of the mission, the good of the team. We have each benefitted from the efforts of others. Now, we want to pay the gestures forward to others who have gladly served their Country, their families and their “buddies” standing next them.

We know that veterans transition from a relatively low wage in the service to the very costly civilian life and many times with a family. Veterans often resort to working several jobs to provide the life that they want (a life they’ve earned) for themselves and those they care about.

The council was formed with people who truly understand and have successfully lived through that process. Our goal is to make it a little easier to get the education people need to make informed decisions about their futures.

This is the genesis of Bet on a Vet 100! We have allocated $1,000,000 to help the first 100 veterans. Originally, the program was intended for a narrow portion of the Armed Forces. With the support and cooperation of the entire committee and the Franchise Consulting Company, we can expand the offering to all branches of service. This includes Active and Reserve units.

Veterans have mastered the traits of discipline and leadership in their tenure in the services. Those skills are highly sought after by business owners in transition as well as many franchise organizations.

However, the thought of raising funds required to become an entrepreneur is overwhelming. That feeling can make it very difficult to commit to any type of change in lifestyle. Bet on a Vet 100! was developed specifically to help our brothers and sisters. The Bet on a Vet 100! will give up to $10,000 to any active or former veteran who purchases a franchise from a member of our veteran’s council. (Terms Apply).

The (up to) $10,000 may be used for any purpose. As we migrate through the goal setting and acquisition process, we’ll assist the veteran in identifying the most effective use of those funds. Sales and marketing are typically a good place to investigate. These areas use funds to generate revenue and launch the business. Getting the “word” out can be one of the most overlooked areas for an emerging business.

The Veteran’s Council’s hope is that the Bet on a Vet 100! initiative will inspire other groups to support veterans after “The news of our program” hits the streets. If you’d like to connect with our council to learn how to be a member of the Bet on a Vet 100! and get $10,000 to start your franchise, please reach out.

Please direct any and all press inquiries to Steve Rotay, who can be reached by or on the phone at 717-299-9998. All email inquiries can be sent directly to

The Veterans Franchise Council
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